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Acrylic siding

Elegance and durability signed Isolex

Acrylic siding: acrylic coating and rendering

We believe in acrylic siding for several reasons! First of all, acrylic is a flexible and waterproof material, which makes it a highly weather-resistant coating. Its flexibility gives it the advantage of not cracking and its waterproofing keeps your building free from water or air infiltration.

Then, at the heart of an era where energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important, the insulating properties of an acrylic exterior siding are considerable allies in the quest for energy savings.

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Acrylic plaster: strength and durability

Acrylic plaster, applied to a foundation, provides great resistance to bad weather and foolproof durability. The choice of texture and color will give your plaster a unique appearance and ensures a perfect match with the rest of the siding of the house or building. The advantage of acrylic plaster is that it does not crack or peel off, and is waterproof. The decorative aspect of plaster makes it a coating of choice both for highlighting the facade of a house and for siding the exterior of a commercial building.


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