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Exterior stucco and other sidings

Choose our stucco service for remarkable exterior acrylic siding

Add character to your home

Exterior stucco, suitable for both residential and commercial buildings, new constructions, buildings under renovation or has insulating properties. This is a significant asset for homeowners who care about energy efficiency.

Acrylic is also light, flexible and waterproof and airtight. Better yet, it takes on the appearance of old-fashioned stucco, which gives a certain character to homes and is guaranteed for ten years.

Is part of the wood on the exterior siding of your house rotten? We will repair the damage before installing your acrylic coating. We can also change the gutters and re-caulk the soffits.

The Revêtements Isolex team also installs exterior stucco on large-area buildings, such as cinemas.

Revêtement extérieur acrylique

Stucco installation and exterior renovation

Even more to serve you

We install the covering, but our professionals also take care of, if necessary, other renovation work on the exterior envelope of the building. If, for example, you want to replace the brick siding with acrylic, we will also remove the bricks.


Trust our acrylic siding for impeccable results