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Transform your exterior with our high-end fiber cement siding

Revolutionize your facades with fiber cement siding. The all-in-one solution!

The fiber cement siding, composed of cellulose fibers and cement, is resistant to impact, humidity, salt air and carpenter ants. Its very high durability first made it popular with contractors and renovators of commercial buildings a few years ago, but fiber cement is also increasingly used in the residential sector.

Available in variations for a classic look or in panels for a more contemporary look, fiber cement siding can be smooth or textured. In fact, it is a material that can very well resemble wood, available in relief even imitating the veins of the wood, but also in its handling, because it is also easily cut and drilled.

Fiber cement siding resists time

Even if fiber cement does not have the decorative character that characterizes acrylic and even if it does not have insulating power, the manufacturers of this type of covering guarantee a lifespan of almost 15 years.

Additionally, it resists fire and heat, rot, water, corrosion, ultraviolet rays, decay, impact, freeze/thaw, and acid and chemicals. chemicals. It gives a simple, but beautiful appearance to the house. While fiber cement siding has the benefits of wood, it is much more resistant to time and bad weather and is a much better base for paint. The siding itself is guaranteed for 30 years and the color, when applied in the factory, is guaranteed for 15 years.

It is therefore an exterior siding, waterproof, resistant, easy to use with which we can also combine other materials to create a unique look that will last.

There are of course several levels of fiber cement quality and Isolex is proud to use James Hardie products which our team believes are the best available.

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